When I was three years old, my older sister wrote “Surprise” on my forehead with an ink pen. When my mother came home, I lifted up my bangs and showed her the word and said “Surprise!” As you can imagine, her reaction was of total delight. I’ve been trying to surprise people ever since.

What is more dull than to know exactly what is going to happen day after day when your spouse and you get together? No surprises can lead to a dull relationship. Here’s an idea! Be unpredictable! Surprise your spouse and your children!

Bring home a small toy for the baby, a blouse for a 16 year old girl (she’ll most likely hate it but she’ll love that you were thinking of her), an ice cream cone for your wife, a puppy! Stop at the market and buy some raspberries! Nothing else, just some fresh raspberries to bring a smile to your loved one.

No, I’m not suggesting you spend money you don’t have, but there are ways to inexpensively bring a delighted smile to the faces of your loved ones. Dollar stores are full of imaginative surprises! When you have a surprise for someone, you can’t wait to get home to see the joy you’ll create!

Gifts are expected for holidays, so don’t wait until then. Spread “random acts of kindness” and surprise those you love the most! Let there be a dimension to you that no one knew existed–keep ‘em guessing!


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2 Comments on Surprise!

  1. We love surprises too! We just posted about this same topic Friday. It is one of the best and simplest of ways to keep the excitement growing in marriage. I’m so glad to have found your blog, via The Generous Wife. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    • Tom and Debi – what a fun site you have! I enjoyed your story about the surprise – and such great photos too! Thanks for your comments, and for stopping by, it’s always fun to meet fellow bloggers. :)