There are those who say you should be honest and speak exactly what you’re thinking. I say NO to that! That is hazardous to one’s marriage. Diplomacy really matters!”

One woman said, “Forget total honesty. If I told my husband exactly what I am thinking, he would have left me years ago. I keep my negative thoughts to myself and I seldom correct him. I sure don’t tell him everything I’m thinking. Things he cannot change annoy me, but he’ll never know–because it would do no good. It would only put a rift between us if I mentioned these flaws. I want to be happily married.”

I was watching a movie recently about a real couple, the Dillies, who had six babies born at once after years of trying to have a family; it was called “Half a Dozen Babies.” In a moment of real stress, the husband turned to his wife and said, “You’re just like your mother!” Oh-oh, I thought to myself. Those are words one should never say to one’s wife! I watched with baited breath to see if this was the end of the marriage as the wife responded back angrily. But no! She smiled and laughed and said, “You are so right! I have got to put a stop to that right fast! Will you help me?” Whew, marriage saved. Six happy babies will have an intact home to grow up in!

Kindness, self-control, thoughtful speaking. These are safeguards for marriage.

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1 Comment on Watch Your Words and Save Your Marriage

  1. Sherri says:

    I have always followed the principle that you get what you give. If I give criticism, I am allowing the possibility that I will also receive criticism. Why would I want to hear that? Besides, knowing myself as well as I do- I am certain I have many more flaws than my husband has. So why point out his when mine are just as significant? Take a deep breath, smile and move on. That’s what I say. It is always better to keep negative thoughts where they belong…unspoken.