Why Mars and Venus CollideThe Best Relationship Book Ever

I have never reviewed a book on this site before, but I have also never read a book that made me think “Everybody needs to read this!” so strongly.

Why Mars and Venus Collide is an easy book to recommend for anyone who enjoys JeffTalks.com.  This book covers a lot of the same subjects while backing it up with science by a guy who has a PhD.

I’m Not Making This Stuff Up

While I talk about the Selfless Marriage Dr. John Gray speaks of learning to love the imperfections in your partner, and that “the real source of your pain is that you have stopped giving of yourself unconditionally.”

I wrote how you can Take Out the Trash and Save Your Marriage and Dr. Gray teaches how men’s testosterone levels go up when we solve problems, perform specific duties, and are given tasks to take care of like taking out the trash. As a man helps with tasks like this, not only do his testosterone levels increase, but her levels of oxytocin increase while stress decreases.

In The Gift of Downtime I talk about introverts and extroverts and how common it is for an introvert to need time alone to relax and unwind. Dr. Gray talks about how this is a common trait in men in general, to return hormones to appropriate levels and relieve stress when he says, “If a man doesn’t take the time to recover, the stress drives his testosterone levels down…. Women don’t instinctively understand this need, because their well-being is not dependent on rebuilding testosterone levels.”

I talk about the Lost Art of Listening, he teaches the importance of “Venus Talks” where he outlines an excellent way for men to listen to their partner that will help her feel more fulfilled, and reduce stress for her and him alike. “When couples don’t talk, nothing he does is ever good enough.”

In addition to all of the above, John Gray talks a lot about the common communication barriers in marriage and how men and women speak a different language. He talks about how common it is to fight, gives clear rules for fighting the right way, and explains how to make up. His conclusion to the book is titled “Creating a Lifetime of Love” which is his ultimate goal for your marriage, and is a lot like my introductory articles to this site: Married for Life and Keep a Good Thing Going where I gave an overview of my perspective on marriage.

You Will Love This Book!

My love for this book goes far beyond the sense of validation it gives me for my articles, beyond the overlap between my humble little blog and this famous author I had never read before. I love this book because it talks about eliminating the major obstacles prior to trying to fix anything, it makes it easy to understand common problems by offering a new perspective on them, and gives simple, specific things you can do to improve your relationship. His advice is practical, effective, and not overly complicated. You will love it!

If you are looking for a great resource for reducing stress in your marriage, to reduce fights and misunderstandings, increase happiness and satisfaction with your marriage, and so much more, you really need to read Why Mars and Venus Collide.

Follow this link to get your copy now!

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3 Comments on Looking for Answers?

  1. Leigh says:

    I wish I could have had a lot more information when I was a young married. I think my early marriage years would have been less painful. Thank goodness there is more talk on the differences in men and women now days.
    Thanks for a great reference. I think you’re personal insights have been valuable as well.

    • True! And talking about it makes it a lot easier. Having good information from the beginning has really helped us start our marriage on the right foot a minimize the rough start many marriages go through. Thanks for the nice comment. :)

  2. Sherri says:

    I think if couples didn’t have different ways of framing their view of the world we couldn’t grow and evolve. Without the cool, calm demeanor of my husband I would always overreact and get overwrought about sometimes very small things. Without my overactive brain and drive, my husband would maybe not be motivated to stretch out of his comfort zone. So our two halves really do make a whole- and the best whole marriage you could ask for.